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Ahlstrom Air Ltd

Ahlstrom Air Ltd. is a privately-owned company that has been in operation since 1997.

Located in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Ahlstrom Air provides commercial helicopter services to the following industries:

  • Seismic, oil and gas;
  • Forestry, backcountry;
  • Heli-fishing; and
  • Heli-biking.

Website: http://helinordegg.com

Contact Information:

PO Box 39Alhambra, ABT0M 0C0Telephone: 403-729-3285Fax: 403-729-2880E-Mail: ahlstromair@xplornet.com
Nordegg, ABTelephone: 403-721-2203Fax: 403-721-2242E-Mail: ahlstromair@xplornet.com

Black Swan Helicopters

Charters, Service, and Maintenance.

Light and medium helicopter flight operations in Northern Alberta, Northeast B.C., and the North West Territories.

Our services include:

  • Forestry passenger transport;
  • Long line operations;
  • Forest fire suppression;
  • Wildlife surveys;
  • VIP transportation; and
  • Sightseeing flights.

We also fix helicopters!

We offer maintenance support for Robinson, Bell, and Airbus helicopters – we also have hangar and storage facilities as well as fuel, if required.

General Service Area: Berwyn

Website: https://blackswanhelicopters.com/

Contact Information:

4602-50th AvePO Box 263Berwyn, ABT0H 0E0Telephone: 780-338-2964Fax: 780-338-3054E-Mail: info@blackswanhelicopters.com

Canadian Helicopters

By every measure - safety record, performance and experience - Canadian Helicopters is a leader in the helicopter services industry.

We are the largest helicopter transportation services company operating in Canada with a network of 25 strategically located bases capable of providing operations in every geographical region in the country.

We provide helicopter transportation services to a diverse array of clients including onshore and offshore oil & gas, military support, mineral exploration, hydro/utilities, forest management, construction, air ambulance, and search & rescue. We also provide international helicopter support to military customers.

Canadian Helicopters operates over 90 light, medium, and heavy lift helicopters and is authorized for both visual (VFR) and instrument (IFR) flight operations. In addition to charter services, we provide advanced flight training and helicopter repair and maintenance services.

Website: http://www.canadianhelicopters.com

Contact Information:

4500, 1000 Airport RoadEdmonton, ABT9E 0V3Telephone: 780-429-6900Fax: 780-429-6925E-Mail: edmonton@canadianhelicopters.com
Site #1PO Box 7, RR#1Fort McMurray, ABT9H 5B5Telephone: 780-743-4888Fax: 780-791-1895
101, 10910 Airport DrGrande Prairie, ABT8V 7Z5Telephone: 780-532-2047Fax: 780-532-5878

Delta Helicopters Ltd.

Delta Helicopters is a privately-owned family business located in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.

Operating with a fleet of 21 helicopters, 6 bases, and 50 employees, Delta Helicopters has been providing helicopter services in Northern Alberta and across Canada since 1972.

Our experience, combined with a network of hanger facilities across Alberta, provide the foundation to complete projects in a safe, on time, and on budget schedule.

We service the following areas:


Our bases at High Level, Rainbow Lake, Slave Lake, Fort McMurray and Lac La Biche remain very active due in part to their key locations in the Oil and Gas Industry.

We move men and equipment, supply aircraft for ambulance stand-by and evacuation, and our infrared scanning is used for pipeline/ power line inspections.

We do wire line moves, well abandonments, aerial seeding, surveying, water surveys, game counts and anything else that can be accomplished by helicopter.


Delta has over 45 years of experience working with the forestry industry across Canada. We pride ourselves in our dependability and in the men and women who complete the job. Delta’s diverse fleet offers a helicopter for any size job.

For Fire Suppression we have a full complement of sling gear; long lines, nets, drip torches, water buckets (Bambi buckets), infrared and video scanning equipment. Delta is active in all aspects of the forestry industry. We have the experience and the equipment needed to do aerial seeding, tree planting, regeneration surveys and water surveys. In short, we do it all

Thermal Imaging

The Flir Ultra 7500 Thermal Imaging System is a high-resolution infrared imaging system and a CCD color video camera co-mounted on a gimbaled platform. In order to operate the Flir 7500, it is mounted on a Bell 206.


Delta operates a variety of aircraft that can be used for emergency and ambulance related flights. The Bell 206 and Eurocopter AS350BA have the ability to carry one stretcher internally and because of heated hanger facilities, can be airborne in a matter of minutes to assist in the event of an emergency year-round.

Stretcher equipped aircraft can also be put on stand-by in remote locations if required.


Need a gift for someone who is hard to buy for? Why not purchase a flight in a Bell 206 (4 passengers).

Check out the local landscape, take pictures, enjoy a new experience.


Delta has expertise in the mining field, we have the equipment and the personel to do the job. Should your needs be a Bell helicopter or an AStar, we can supply whatever helicopter you need to do the job cost effectively, efficiently, and safely.

Website: http://www.deltahelicopters.com/

Contact Information:

Lac La Biche AirportLac La Biche, ABT0A 2C2Telephone: 780-623-3490Fax: 780-623-3480E-Mail: jlecuyer@deltahelicopters.com
13, 26004 Twp Rd 544St. Albert HeliportSturgeon County, ABT8T 0B6Telephone: 780-458-3564Toll-Free: 1-800-665-3564E-Mail: jvanpatten@deltahelicopters.com
RR 194BHigh Level AirportHigh Level, ABT0H 1Z0Telephone: 780-926-3848E-Mail: greed@deltahelicopters.com
Bldg 22, Airport RdSlave Lake AirportSlave Lake, ABT0G 2A0Telephone: 780-805-8800E-Mail: ecole@deltahelicopters.com
Imperial DriveRainbow Lake AirportRainbow Lake, ABT0H 2Y0Telephone: 780-956-3988E-Mail: greed@deltahelicopters.com
Fort McMurray International AirportFort McMurray, ABT9H 5B4Telephone: 780-713-3582

High Point Helicopters

Highpoint Helicopters is proud to offer a full range of rotary wing aircraft support to clients throughout Western Canada.

Our highly trained and experienced pilots operating powerful and modern aircraft, provide customers with the optimum combination of safety, comfort, efficiency, and productivity.

Working from centrally located main and seasonal bases in British Columbia and Alberta, Highpoint is able to quickly respond to helicopter charter requests and dispatch aircraft directly to your specific jobsites. With a fleet of exceptional helicopters maintained to the highest standards, and a company culture which promotes safety as the ultimate priority, you can be confident when choosing Highpoint as your helicopter provider.

Our services include:

Fire Suppression and Forestry

Highpoint Helicopters considers the support of forest protection and management agencies to be one of the primary focal points of the company. Our aircraft have been specifically configured and equipped to fully compliment the efforts of fire suppression and forest management crews alike. Combined with experienced pilots that understand your objectives, projects can be completed in a safe, comfortable, and efficient environment. We maintain active and approved carrier status with all forest management agencies in western Canada and are also available to assist municipal fire departments with challenging emergency situations within community boundaries.

Mining and Mineral Exploration

From initial exploration programs to mine development and construction, Highpoint is equipped and prepared to provide your project with a full range of short and long-term support services including:

  • Drill moves and external load operations;
  • Crew transport;
  • Aerial survey and sampling;
  • VIP and management tours;
  • Environmental research and data collection; and
  • MEDEVAC and emergency response.

Oil and Gas

With one of our primary bases located in the heart of oil and gas country, Highpoint is always ready to provide a wide range of support services to the industry. Whether your requirements are for occasional remote access, seasonal or long-term crew transfers, external load operations, patrol, survey, facility maintenance, parts Hotshot, or MEDEVAC services, give us a call and we will be happy to provide quotation for your project.

Utilities, Transportation, and Construction

Highpoint is pleased to offer service to clients in the utilities, transportation, communications and construction sectors. Our seasoned pilots will help maximize crew safety and productivity throughout the duration of your utility projects. From the installation and maintenance of communications networks to the construction and inspection of power transmission facilities, you can be confident when selecting Highpoint to provide helicopter support to your remote operations.

Air Ambulance/MEDEVAC

The modern, fast, and spacious aircraft operated by Highpoint are particularly well suited to the air ambulance role. Equipped with fully certified stretcher kits and having the capacity to comfortably transport a prone patient and two medical attendants provides drastically enhanced levels of safety for your crews. A Highpoint aircraft providing utility support on your remote jobsite can be reconfigured for MEDEVAC duties in less than 5 minutes or assigned to primary air ambulance functions on larger projects. Highpoint Helicopters maintains an active contract with the B.C. Ambulance Service for the provision of air support on an as-needed basis.

Search and Rescue

Whenever an emergency situation arises, you can count on Highpoint to be prepared to provide rotary wing support to search and rescue, emergency response, and disaster relief efforts. Our pilots have provided assistance to the RCMP and search and rescue agencies on numerous occasions and can assist in executing focused, timely, and efficient responses under critical circumstances. With exceptional speed, fuel range, and visibility from all seating positions, utilizing our aircraft will maximize the chances of achieving a successful conclusion in many emergency situations.

Environmental/Resource Management

From stream sediment sampling to fish and wildlife telemetry or population surveys, Highpoint can meet your aerial support requirements. Our pilots have spent many hours participating in numerous forms of environmental data collection and appreciate the unique and crucial components of each project. Give us a call to discuss your specific mission parameters and obtain quotations.

Tours/Wilderness Recreation

Highpoint Helicopters offers a complete range of aerial tour and wilderness recreation options customized to your specific needs. Packages can be designed for clients seeking any combination of activities including:

  • Sightseeing and photography;
  • Alpine hiking and skiing;
  • Fishing and wildlife viewing; and
  • Prospecting and wilderness exploration.

The opportunities are only limited by your imagination. Call today to discuss your ideas!

Website: http://www.highpointhelicopters.com

Contact Information:

Grande Prairie Airport12404-111th AveGrande Prairie, ABT8V 7Z4Telephone: 780-539-4417Fax: 780-539-4332E-Mail: info@highpointhelicopters.com
834044 Range Rd 224Peace River, ABT8V 7Z4Telephone: 780-539-4417Fax: 780-539-4332E-Mail: info@highpointhelicopters.com
108 Mile Ranch AirportPO Box 505, 4811 Telqua Drive108 Mile Ranch, BCV0K 2Z0Telephone: 780-539-4417Fax: 780-539-4332E-Mail: info@highpointhelicopters.com

Highland Helicopters Ltd.

Our fleet of over 35 light and intermediate turbine helicopters provides a broad range of flight services throughout our wide-reaching base network.

Since 1959, Highland's experienced and professional crews have flown many thousands of demanding and challenging hours servicing resource-based industries, government, telecommunication providers and the motion picture industry.

To get you into and out of some of the most rugged and remote locations in Canada, Highland operates Bell and Airbus aircraft that provide proven reliability and performance. Our fleet is maintained to exacting standards with regular daily maintenance at our bases, together with full component and airframe overhauls at our Transport Canada approved maintenance facility in Richmond, BC. To further support our maintenance efforts, Highland operates an extensive parts department.

Our services include:

Oil & Gas

  • Environmental Surveys;
  • Camp / Crew Moves;
  • Drill Moves / Support;
  • Survey / Pipeline Patrol;
  • Well Site Support;
  • Fertilization / Hydroaxing;
  • Construction;
  • Staking / GPS Mapping; and
  • Sampling.


  • Cone Picking;
  • Silviculture (seeding, aerial spray, fertilization, tree planting);
  • Mapping;
  • Broadcast Burning;
  • Camp / Crew Moves;
  • Forest Fire Suppression;
  • Infrared Scanning / Video Imagery; and
  • Drip Torch.

Mining & Exploration

  • Staking / GPS Mapping;
  • Sampling;
  • Aerial Mapping;
  • Environmental Surveys;
  • Camp / Crew Moves;
  • Drill Moves / Support; and
  • Fertilization.

Aerial Media

  • Photography;
  • Television;
  • News Broadcasts;
  • Movie and Film;
  • Crew Transportation; and

Wildlife & Resource Management

  • Photography;
  • Aerial Surveys;
  • Animal Capture; and
  • Net-Gun Capture.

Other Services

  • Aerial Construction;
  • Medi-vac Flights;
  • Power Line Patrols;
  • Tourist Flights;
  • Scenic Flights; and
  • Sight Seeing.


Highland Helicopters provides comprehensive maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) support for Bell and Eurocopter helicopters. Highland is a Bell-Approved Independent Customer Service Facility.

Website: http://www.highland.ca

Contact Information:

Unit #10112412-111th AveGrande Prairie, ABT8V 7Z4Telephone: 780-539-3112Fax: 780-538-0533E-Mail: grandeprairie@highland.ca
5723 - 6th AvenueEdson, ABT7E 1T9Telephone: 780-723-6422Fax: 780-723-7595E-Mail: edson@highland.ca
583 Snow Eagle DriveFort McMurray AirportFort McMurray, ABT9H 0H8Telephone: 780-791-0039Fax: 780-743-3789E-Mail: fortmcmurray@highland.ca
Range Road 194AClairmont, ABT0H 1Z0Telephone: 780-926-2284Fax: 780-926-3441E-Mail: highlevel@highland.ca
174 Kelley RdHinton, ABT7V 1X6Telephone: 780-865-7081Fax: 780-865-7012E-Mail: hinton@highland.ca
Lac La Biche Satellite BaseBookings through our Fort McMurray BaseLac La Biche, ABTelephone: 780-791-0039Fax: 780-743-3789E-Mail: fortmcmurray@highland.ca
Lot 11 & 12 Airport Service RoadPeace River AirportPeace River, ABT8S 1S1Telephone: 780-624-5555Fax: 780-624-5553E-Mail: peaceriver@highland.ca
Red EarthSupported from our Peace River BaseRed Earth, ABTelephone: 780-624-5555Fax: 780-624-5553E-Mail: peaceriver@highland.ca
Slave LakeSupported from our Whitecourt BaseSlave Lake, ABTelephone: 780-778-4246Fax: 780-778-6554E-Mail: whitecourt@highland.ca
Building #3Township Road 125Whitecourt, ABT7S 1P5Telephone: 780-778-4246Fax: 780-778-6554E-Mail: whitecourt@highland.ca

Marlin Helicopters Incorporated

We focus primarily on aircraft charters, rentals, and leasing services.

Contact us today to inquire about how we can best serve you!

General Service Area: High Prairie

Website: https://www.yellowpages.ca/bus/Alberta/High-Prairie/Marlin-Helicopters-Inc/1019650.html

Contact Information:

High Prairie AirportHigh Prairie, ABT0G 1E0Telephone: 780-523-4378

Mustang Helicopters


Mustang has been providing dedicated and ad hoc helicopter services to the public and private sectors for 18 years. This milestone achievement was only possible with the combination of excellent & dedicated employees and developing long-term partnerships with our customers.

With its' multi-type fleet of 30 helicopters including lights, intermediates, mediums, heavy lifting and Twin engines Cat A & Class 1 capabilities, Mustang is one of the leading helicopter service providers in Western Canada.

Mustang provides helicopter services to a broad range of customers in various industries including Powerline & Utility, Mining, Oil & Gas, Forestry, Heli-Skiing and Government Agencies.

Our air crew and management team are experts in identifying all the logistics required to support helicopters field operations. We will partner with you to determine your specific requirement for successful job completion from planning through implementation. The winning combination of state-of-the-art equipment, highly experienced pilots and engineers, and an unwavering commitment to safety gives Mustang the necessary formula to undertake and accomplish projects safely and efficiently.


Website: http://www.mustanghelicopters.com

Contact Information:

#237 - 27312 Twp Rd 394Blackfalds, ABT0M 0J0Telephone: 403-885-5220
Fort McMurray International AirportFort McMurray, ABT9H 0G3Telephone: 780-713-6430

Peregrine Helicopters


Peregrine Helicopters strives to offer helicopter services for Edmonton and surrounding Albertan communities, as well as BC communities. We know how varied our passengers’ needs are, so we make sure we can help out in as many ways possible, using the highest safety standards.

Aside from assisting wildlife tracking, offering adventure and tourism, and providing emergency services, we also offer the following services:

  • Charter;
  • Precision long lining and slinging;
  • Utility services, including forestry, mining, and petroleum;
  • Drill moves and support; and
  • Aerial seeding and fertilizing.*

*Please note that if you are planning on requesting one of our helicopters for aerial seeding and fertilizing and you are in need of seeding equipment, we have our own seeding equipment that you are welcome to use.

Whatever needs you have; our experienced pilots and high-quality equipment are here for you. We can even help you transport loads in a safe and efficient manner.

To request our helicopter services around Edmonton, Alberta, or BC, contact us today!

General Service Area: Hinton

Website: http://www.peregrineheli.com/

Contact Information:

50424 Yellowhead HighwayHinton, ABT7V 1T9Telephone: 780-865-3353E-Mail: peregrinehelicopters@gmail.com

Provincial Helicopters Ltd

Provincial Helicopters Ltd. commenced operations in 1989 out of Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba with the purchase of a single Jet Ranger 206B. Over the course of the next number of years, Provincial Helicopters Ltd. has grown into one of premier air charter operators and aircraft maintenance facilities in Canada.

Provincial Helicopters has grown again to a fleet helicopters that consists of Jet Ranger 206B's, Long Ranger 206L's, and a Bell 205A1 operating from our Head Office in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba and sub-base locations out of:

  • Red Lake, Ontario;
  • Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba;
  • Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan;
  • Lloydminster, Alberta; and
  • Edmonton, Alberta.

Provincial Helicopters is an approved Transport Canada air operator, licensed to conduct aerial work and perform air taxi services using rotorcraft.

We provide a wide array of services, including but not limited to:

  • Line patrol;
  • Transmission line inspection;
  • Pole setting;
  • Raising power lines;
  • Insulator install;
  • Transformer install;
  • Emergency response to outages as well as firefighting;
  • Passenger transportation;
  • Aerial seeding and spraying;
  • Airlifting materials;
  • Aerial surveying;
  • Drill relocation;
  • Beaver dam removal;
  • Aerial photography;
  • Search and rescue operations; and
  • Medical evacuations.

General Service Area: Lloydminster and Edmonton

Website: http://www.provincialhelicopters.ca

Contact Information:

Head Office41 Airport Road, PO Box 579Lac du Bonnet, MBR0E 1A0Telephone: 204-345-8332Fax: 204-345-8679

Range Helicopters

Headquartered in Drayton Valley, Alberta Canada, Range Helicopters Inc. (RH) is a VFR operator providing chartered services for passengers and cargo to private sector companies and governments throughout the Canada. With a fleet of a Bell 206 series helicopter, Bell 407 and the AS350B2 we maintain a reputation for safety and professionalism while providing a diverse range of specialized services with an outstanding safety and operating record.

We are committed to providing maximum value to our clients while ensuring that we cause no harm to the environment in which we operate, the people and property around us, or the reputations of our company or clients in everything we do.

It is our belief that our unique qualifications, uncompromising commitment to safety and quality service, superior equipment and employees allows RH to make this commitment daily to each and every client and we look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate this commitment.

Our primary priorities have been, and will continue to be, safety, quality and outstanding service.

Our Services

We at Range Helicopters are dedicated to providing our clients with a reliable, safety orientated, and professional helicopter service at competitive rates.

Range is able to provide these services with a meticulously maintained fleet of helicopters. We are well positioned to provide helicopter services wherever your needs may be.

Our highly skilled aircrews have the experience and local knowledge you can count on. Their vertical reference experience is derived from years of seismic, drill, and fire suppression techniques.

All of our aircraft are supplemented with real time GPS tracking and satellite phones.

A list of our services includes:

  • Aerial Pipeline Surveillance;
  • Environmental/Fish & Wildlife;
  • Communications/Media;
  • Mining & Exploration;
  • General Charter/Other Specialties;
  • Oil & Gas;
  • Fire Suppression;
  • Forestry Management; and
  • Utilities & Energy.

We look forward to working with you.

General Service Area: Drayton Valley

Website: http://rangeheli.ca/

Contact Information:

49217 RR 71PO Box 5447Drayton Valley, ABTelephone: 780-542-8222Fax: 780-542-7852

Remote Helicopters

Remote Helicopters provides professional helicopter support all year round. Evolving and growing with "the industry", we go to great lengths to work with you and understand your individual business needs – in the air and on the ground.

Like you, what we do does not define us. How we do it, does. Supplying the best possible service to our valued customers is how we do business.

Our main base is located near the largest lake in Alberta: Lesser Slave Lake.

The services we provide are:

Petroleum & Gas

  • Surveying;
  • Seismic;
  • Seeding & reclamation;
  • Construction & lease sites;
  • Well abandonments;
  • Transporting crews & equipment;
  • Aerial G.P.S. mapping;
  • Lifting / slinging of vessels into remote areas;
  • Specialized long lines & lifts;
  • Pipeline patrols & surveillance; and
  • Highly advanced laser gas detection.

Boreal Laser Gas Detection

Aerial corridor surveys are now the preferred method for periodic and diligent inspections of pipelines and utilities transmissions lines. Remote Helicopters has the necessary tools to get the job done.

Natural gas pipeline owners require improved routine monitoring of pipelines for safety, economic, environmental and regulatory reasons. Leaking natural gas can cause explosions leading to the loss of life and property. Loss of products through undetected leaks dramatically reduces a pipeline operator's profitability.

The laser GasFinder is mounted on the belly of a helicopter. The measurement probe for airborne surveys has an effective path length of 2 meters. The laser probe provides continuous calibration updates. While measuring and referencing, signals are constantly compared to determine the actual concentration of gas in the probe. It is an extremely effective tool in the detection of methane. Each data point taken at 1 second intervals has an associated methane level and GPS location that can be reviewed at any time during or after the flight.

All the information gathered from the GasFinder, including GPS data is automatically recorded and stored during the flight and can be looked at in detail while the flight is taking place, or after the flight. The parameters of what is an acceptable level of methane can be adjusted at any time so that the natural levels of methane (normally green) can be differentiated from suspected leaks (yellow or red).

The laser GasFinder is capable of detecting low levels of methane from long distances even under moderate wind conditions of up to approximately 10-15 knots (18-25km/h). When winds reach about 15 knots (25km/h), results cannot be guaranteed and cannot be used at all above 20 knots (35km/h) due to the manner in which the gas will dissipate rapidly and become undetectable.


  • Firefighting & crew movements;
  • Forest management;
  • Seeding;
  • Tree planting;
  • Wildlife management;
  • Aerial infrared and video imagery;
  • Regeneration surveys;
  • Long lining;
  • Drip torch operations; and
  • Heli-logging.

Thermal Infrared

With a FLIR Infrared System mounted to our Bell 206 helicopter, Remote can accomplish:

  • Fire / heat detection;
  • Assist with search & rescue;
  • Assist in wildlife studies;
  • Surveillance; and
  • Work with pipeline & power line inspections.


We can offer flights to the beautiful boreal landscapes and rugged terrain. If you really want to impress someone we can arrange a flight tour that will show your guest all the beautiful landmarks that Lesser Slave Lake and surrounding area has to offer.

We can provide:

  • Scenic flights;
  • Group tours;
  • Remote fishing trips; and
  • Aerial photography and filming.

Mining & Exploration

  • Drill moves;
  • Exploration; and
  • Surveys.

General Service Area: Slave Lake

Website: http://www.remotehelicopters.com

Contact Information:

Hanger 15, Airport RoadPO Box 1340Slave Lake, ABT0G 2A0Telephone: 780-849-2222Toll-Free: 1-800-340-1179Fax: 780-849-5235E-Mail: jeff.lukan@remotehelicopters.com

Shunda Helicopter Service Ltd

We are located at Rocky Mountain House Airport with two aircraft – an AS350B and R44 Raven II, which are available 24/7.

Our services include:

  • Aircraft sales (purchasing, selling, and leasing);
  • Consulting; and
  • Fuel Sales.

We’re ready when you are – contact us today!

General Service Area: Rocky Mountain House

Website: https://www.a-list.ca/aircraft-rental/shunda-helicopter-service-ltd/view-details

Contact Information:

PO Box 463Rocky Mountain House, ABT4T 1A4Telephone: 403-845-2534Fax: 403-845-3133

Slave Lake Helicopters

In 1998, George and Debbie Kelham began their helicopter company in the Town of Slave Lake, Alberta. Today, Slave Lake Helicopters is a dynamic business operating a modern fleet of seven helicopters, supported by a solid, experienced team.

We are committed to providing an exceptional level of service with guaranteed satisfaction – while maintaining strong long-term partnerships through the delivery of safe services.

Our services include:

Oil & Gas

In a hurry to get to your lease, or have scheduled inspections that need to be done? Slave Lake Helicopters is on call and ready to get you to your lease safely and quickly. Call us anytime to schedule your flight.

  • Sampling;
  • Seismic and Geophysical Surveys;
  • Pipeline Patrols;
  • Environmental Support;
  • Vegetation Control;
  • Well Site Support;
  • Crew/ Equipment Moves;
  • Aerial Mapping; and
  • Medical Evacuations (MEDIVACs).

Utility (Power Line)

Electrical grids? We have the experience.

  • Infrared Scanning / Video Imagery;
  • Sock Line Towing;
  • Class D/ Human External Cargo (HEC);
  • Patrol;
  • Maintenance (ASTEP);
  • Surveying;
  • Power Line Construction;
  • Vegetation Management;
  • Marker Balls/Cones;
  • Pole Setting, Timber and Cross Arm Change; and
  • Spacer Change.


Slave Lake Helicopters has experienced pilots on hand and ready to fly for your province during your entire fire season and for any special projects you have year-round.

  • Forest Fire Activities;
  • Infrared Scanning / Video Imagery;
  • LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging);
  • Drip Torching;
  • Seeding;
  • Aerial Spray;
  • Fertilization;
  • Tree Planting;
  • Mapping;
  • Camp/Crew Moves;
  • Cut Block Assessment;
  • Environmental Assessment;
  • Logging Support; and
  • Class D/ Human External Cargo (HEC).

Mining & Exploration

  • Surveys;
  • Claim Staking Support;
  • Camp/Crew Moves;
  • Bird Towing;
  • Medivac; and
  • Drill Moves.


  • Search and Rescue (SAR);
  • Medical Evacuation (MEDIVAC);
  • Class D/ Human External Cargo (HEC);
  • Natural Disaster Relief; and
  • Stretcher Approver by Transport Canada.

Environmental & Wildlife Management

  • Animal Capture;
  • Survey;
  • Aerial Mapping; and
  • Sampling.


  • Media;
  • Movie & Film;
  • Weddings;
  • Tourist;
  • Organ Transport;
  • Photography; and
  • Customized Packages.

Contact us today!

General Service Area: Slave Lake

Website: http://www.slheli.com

Contact Information:

604-10 Ave NWSlave Lake, ABT0G 2A1Telephone: 780-849-6666E-Mail: support@slheli.com

Sloan Helicopters

We are a helicopter charter company operating out of Lesser Slave Lake (Alberta, Canada), specializing in forest fire suppression, oil and gas operations / construction, and aerial inspection & surveillance.

With our extensive industry experience and vast local knowledge, we can offer you safe, reliable, and cost-effective services provided by highly trained professionals in exceptionally maintained aircraft.

Locally owned and operated with bases strategically situated in Slave Lake (AB), Kinuso (AB), and Wabasca (AB), Sloan Helicopters Ltd. provides exceptional aerial work and general charter services for clients in North-Central Alberta and beyond. Since opening our doors in 2007, we have expanded our initial fleet to include two Robinson RH44 Raven II helicopters, an EC120B Colibri, and an AS350 B2 (ASTAR).

Operating extensively in the Forestry and Oil & Gas sectors, we specialize in:

  • Oil & Gas Support Services;
  • Forest Fire & Timber Management;
  • Aerial Infrared Imaging;
  • External Load Work;
  • Aerial Mapping & Photography;
  • Surveying;
  • Environmental Assessments; and
  • Search & Rescue.

Our steadfast commitment to safety and customer service, combined with our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, allows us to deliver cost effective solutions for all our clients’ professional requirements.

Website: http://www.sloanhelicopters.com/

Contact Information:

PO Box 251Kinuso, ABT0G 1K0Telephone: 780-849-4456Toll-Free: 1-888-756-2610Fax: 866-281-6662E-Mail: troy.sloan@sloanhelicopters.com

Star Helicopters Ltd

Star Helicopters is a privately-owned family business located in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. For over 30 years, we have been the largest independent helicopter support company – owning, managing, and supporting the entire fleet within the Cold Lake area.


  • Airbus AS-350B2 (AStar);
  • Airbus AS-350B3 (AStar); and
  • Bell Jet Ranger 206.


Oil and Gas

Due to our long-term relationship with a number of clients, close proximity to the oil sands, and our commitment to providing safe and cost-effective helicopter services – the oil and gas sector has become an integral part of our business.

We have provided and will continue to provide services such as:

  • Surveying;
  • Seismic;
  • Reclamation;
  • Construction & lease sites;
  • Well abandonments;
  • Transporting crews & equipment;
  • Heaving lifting / slinging;
  • Tree planting; and
  • Aerial pipeline patrols & surveillance using FLIR camera and laser gas detection technology.

Air Ambulance/Medevac/SAR

Star Helicopters is equipped to provide a safe, rapid, emergency medical transport system for the critically ill and injured.

Our helicopters have been involved in emergency medical transportation for industry in remote locations .Standby services are available and due to our close proximity to the CLAWR, year-round indoor storage of our fleet allows us to arrive on scene quickly.

Stretcher kits are immediately available to provide medical transportation to critically injured or ill patients.

FLIR technology allows for assistance with SAR operations.


Star Helicopters has been involved with the forest/environment industry since 1982. We have carried out operations from firefighting to wildlife surveys. We have become one of Alberta’s approved vendors for infrared scanning of hotspots with our FLIR cameras and operators.

We have provided and continue to provide such services as:

  • Firefighting & crew movements;
  • Forest management;
  • Seeding;
  • Tree planting;
  • Wildlife management;
  • Aerial infrared and video imagery;
  • Regeneration surveys;
  • Long lining; and
  • Drip torch.

Sight Seeing

We offer flights to the beautiful boreal landscapes and rugged terrain.

If you really want to impress someone we can arrange a flight tour that will show your guest all of the beautiful landmarks that Cold Lake and the surrounding area has to offer.

FLIR Cameras/Gas Detection


The FLIR Ultra 7000 is a Gyro Stabilized camera that is mounted to the Bell 206 or AS 350 and is controlled by a technician inside the helicopter. There is both color and infrared video being streamed to a digital video recorder, which have GPS coordinates attached to the video for viewing at the customers convenience. The color video can be used for inspection of right of way (ROW) anomalies. In addition to being used for pipeline inspections the FLIR 7000 is used on forestry operations for hotspot inspections and Search and Rescue operations.


The FLIR 8000e is a Gyro Stabilized camera that is mounted to the Bell 206 or AS 350 and is controlled by a technician inside the helicopter. The system combines color video with FLIR’s GasFindIR™ technology to allow you to detect fugitive Alkane and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) gases from the air. Many industrial gases and chemical compounds are invisible to the naked eye, but with its specialized sensor, the U8000e displays these fugitive gases as black fumes.


Since 2003 Star Helicopters Ltd. has been using the Boreal Laser Gas Finder with excellent results for our clients. In 2009 we added the FLIR Ultra 7000 camera to our service, which is capable of recording color and infrared video simultaneously. In 2013 we added a FLIR 8000 e. Over the years we have completed thousands of kilometres of pipelines for our clients with great success. The exact route is flown by pipeline GIS data loaded into the pilots GPS. By combining these 2 technologies we can provide clients a product with high end results. These services also can be supplied separately with either the GasFinder or FLIR camera on its own.


The Boreal Gasfinder is mounted on the belly of the Bell 206 or AS 350. As the helicopter flies, the Gasfinder samples 3 times per second and records the levels of methane in the air, as low as 1 PPM, which is sent to a computer along with GPS coordinates. If increased levels are detected, an audible alarm sounds notifying the pilot and technician.


The entire route is recorded for our clients and can be viewed through a GIS viewing program that we supply on a hard drive. The GIS viewing program will show you a bread crumb trail with a moving map and video that you can switch from either infrared or color. In addition, we also supply the GasFinder data on an additional viewing program for the client to review without the video.

Photography & Videography

Star helicopters is proud to work with our partners in providing aerial photography and video for use in advertisement, tourism, and training.

If you would like to work with us please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Website: http://www.starhelicopters.com

Contact Information:

43210 Highway 55PO Box 2025Cold Lake, ABT9M 1P5Telephone: 780-639-2770
Lac La Biche, ABT0A 2C2Telephone: 780-623-3540

Taiga Helicopters Ltd.

Taiga Helicopters based in Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada, has provided charter service and courteous customer satisfaction with qualified and experienced professionals for over 20 years. Commitment and dedication to safety, quality, honesty and the utmost precision in all aeronautical practices are the essence of Taiga. With years of experience and thousands of hours flown safely and efficiently in some of Canada’s most hostile and challenging environments, we have proven the depth of our experience and the commitment of our senior management team to our greatest asset, our people.

We operate Astar 350 B2 & D models as well as Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopters. We provide Alberta and British Columbia aerial services for a wide range of industries. For a helicopter charter Alberta trusts for reliable performance, turn to Taiga.

Our services include:

  • General Charter Services;
  • Emergency Services;
  • Adventure & Tourism;
  • Vertical Reference (Long Line); and
    • Mountain Flying;
    • Fire Suppression; and
    • Aerial Spraying.
  • Oil, Gas & Mining Exploration.
    • Aerial Construction

Website: http://www.taigahelicopters.com

Contact Information:

Bldg 3E, Whitecourt AirportWhitecourt, ABT7S 1P6Telephone: 780-778-3674E-Mail: info@taigahelicopters.com

Thebacha Helicopters Ltd

Pronounced "Tuh-Batcha"; a Chipewyan word meaning "In the shelter of the rapids." A local term used for the community of Fort Smith.

Thebacha Helicopters has been incorporated since March 1995, originating in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. In 2002, we relocated our head office to our maintenance facility in Edson, Alberta, consolidating our operations. We still maintain a base in Fort Smith, NT in order to serve our Northern customers, however, please call for aircraft availability.

Although not a large company, our size ensures our clients with a professional level of service while guaranteeing personalized support. With over 43 years of aviation and 11,600 hours flight experience, including 25 years of all season and arctic in the North, we provide our passengers with the highest level of safety, comfort, and proficiency.

Main geographical areas of our NWT operations include the South Slave region, Hay River, Yellowknife, and as far north as Inuvik. Our Alberta operations are concentrated in, but not limited to, the Foothills and the magnificent Rockies of Central Alberta. However, we also provide our services to customers from British Columbia to Ontario.

Here are a few of our services – please call if you have a specific task in mind:

  • Oilfield & Pipeline;
  • Forestry;
  • Fire Suppression;
  • Aerial Support;
  • Exploration;
  • Aerial Construction;
  • Survey (incl. Wildlife);
  • Powerline Patrol;
  • Photography/Filming;
  • Infra-Red Scanning;
  • Medical Evacuation; and
  • Sight Seeing.

General Service Area: Edson

Website: http://www.thebachahelicopters.ca/

Contact Information:

5731 - 6th AvenueEdson Municipal AirportEdson, ABT7E 1V9Telephone: 780-723-4180E-Mail: info@thebachahelicopters.ca

Valley B Aviation

Valley B Aviation is a family owned and operated company located in Manning, Alberta. Started in 1997 with a single R22 helicopter working on oilfield contracts. We have grown to become one of the largest providers for remote oil and gas facility management and operations in Northern Alberta. We pride ourselves on having the equipment and professionals to fill your needs, whether it be helicopter charters or oilfield operating.

Our services include:


  • Thermal Spotting;
  • Parts Hotshot;
  • Wildfire Operations;
  • Scenic Tours;
  • Aerial Photography;
  • Wildlife Survey;
  • Pipeline Patrol; and
  • Environmental Support.

Oilfield Operating

Our company specializes in Oil Field Operating. All of our pilot operators have extensive oilfield operating experience, many of which are ten years or more. Our service provides year-round operating whether it be from the air or the ground. As contract operators we work with all aspects of gas processing and crude oil production. This includes plant and well operating, maintenance and suspended well checks.

Thermal Scanning

Valley B has the latest in hand-held thermal technology. The FLIR T1020 is a High Definition infrared camera capable of detecting the smallest of temperature variations. We have two Level 1 Certified Thermographers on staff ready to help you with your IR scanning needs. We also have onboard GPS mapping software, so we are able to supply you with the information you need.

  • Wildfire Hotspot Detection;
  • Search and Rescue;
  • Slash Pile Hotspot Survey;
  • Pipeline Right of Way Inspections; and
  • Powerline Inspections.


Valley B Aviation is a Robinson Helicopters Authorized Service Center. We offer a wide range of maintenance solutions from our main facility in Manning, Alberta. Contact us to find how we can accommodate your maintenance needs.

General Service Area: Manning

Website: https://www.valleybaviation.com/

Contact Information:

PO Box 689Manning, ABT0H 2M0Telephone: 780-836-4309Fax: 888-870-9293E-Mail: valleyb1@telus.net

Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd

Yellowhead Helicopters is a privately held Canadian company that has been providing commercial helicopter solutions to the public, industry and government since 1975.

From helicopter bases strategically located throughout BC and Alberta we have supported the forestry, mining, petroleum, utility and tourism industries for over 40 years. Through well-planned growth we have continued to renew and update our services and equipment in order to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the industries we support.

Our management team, along with our experienced air crews, will work with you to ensure that you are provided with the aircraft and equipment best suited to your specific needs.

By choosing Yellowhead Helicopters you get the distinct advantage of partnering with a company that is small enough to provide you with personalized service; yet large enough to have the infrastructure and support network to ensure that your job gets completed on time and on budget.

Our services include:

  • Avalanche Control;
  • Heli-Skiing;
  • Helicopter Maintenance Services;
  • Environmental & Wildlife Surveys;
  • Aerial Photography & Film Production;
  • Utility Support;
  • Emergency Services;
  • Oil, Gas, and Seismic Exploration;
  • Forestry Support; and
  • Natural Resource Exploration Support.

General Service Area: Athabasca

Website: http://www.yhl.ca

Contact Information:

Hwy 813 & 57th StPO Box 1237Athabasca, ABT9S 2B1Toll-Free: 1-888-566-4401E-Mail: athabasca@yhl.ca
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